Transport of parcels and pallets from and to Cyprus

As a transport company from Greece to Cyprus and from Cyprus to Greece, our main goal was to combine the lowest cost with the highest speed, but also the excellent quality in the transport of parcels and pallets of all types, connecting all cities – provinces of Greece – Cyprus, and we did it!

The transport we provide is a combination of road and sea and our network serves every city in both countries on a daily basis.

Above all, transport packaging must have as its main concern the protection of goods in transit. Due to the nature of road and marine infrastructure, transport packages must be constructed to absorb unintentional disturbances, impacts or accidents of any kind, as well as to be protected from elements such as humidity, extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

The transport package must take into account the possibility of multiple stages of transit before the product reaches its final destination. This includes multiple unloading, repackaging,  reloading and, where appropriate, storage of the product (s). Therefore, the transport package must be flexible enough to facilitate this process when necessary.